What are flamethrowers used for?

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Our products are versatile and suitable for personal and commercial use. Flamethrowers have numerous applications. Ground clearing such as controlled burns of wildlands and fields for containment and fire prevention. Burning slash/brush piles, leaves and tree limbs on acreage properties.

Customers have informed us they use their Vulcan V9E flamethrowers for burning fence rows and clearing gravel drives of weeds and weeding rock beds. Even the incineration of large animals that have died on their property to prevent the spread of bovine diseases. 

Contrary to popular belief flamethrowers are not great at melting snow. However Vulcan V9E's do a good job of melting ice and keeping it from refreezing. By using a mix of gasoline and diesel fuel. The heat melts the ice the diesel keeps it from refreezing and it can be shoveled or broomed off.

All of this being said we like to think that people buy our product not just because it is useful but  because it's fun. There has never been a boring story that started with " So I got my flamethrower out..."


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